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Shining the Light of Prayer

If you are experiencing fears that seem rootless, out of all proportion to the apparent cause, or having no “logical” basis, give yourself a priceless gift: explore them. While a large percentage of such fears can be overcome only if they are brought out of the dungeon, I’ve discovered a wonderful thing since The Courage to Be Yourself was first published. In many cases, the light and energy of prayer can transform fear without each nitty-gritty detail being brought into the light of conscious awareness.

I had a client whom I’ll call Sally. As Sally shared her story, it became apparent that the likelihood of her being an incest survivor was huge. All the telltale symptoms were there. Gently, I broached questions about her father and live-in relatives. No memories surfaced. Believing that prayer is a powerful agent of change, I suggested its use to Sally. She readily agreed.

To give Sally a focal point for her prayers, we did a guided meditation in which she felt her fear and created a symbol for it. From a safe and protected place, she began to imagine a warm, loving, and forgiving light flowing in, around, and through herself and the symbol of fear. For Sally, results were immediate. Bathed in light, the symbol seemed less loathsome and terrifying. Within weeks of faithfully using this visual prayer, Sally’s free-floating fear and anxiety were almost gone. Nary a memory had surfaced, nor a dragon peeked from the cave’s entrance.

Maybe I was wrong about incest as a probability. It doesn’t matter. In Sally’s case, the light of prayer found its way into the cave of her unconscious and transformed the resident fear. Sally’s healing is not an isolated incident. Prayer, especially visual prayer, has been incredibly transformative in my own life and in the lives of many of the women I know.

That being said, it’s still important to explore fear. As a general rule, as long as fear remains hidden, we are held captive in its clutches. We would be well advised to always bring light to our explorations. It can be done as simply as murmuring a “Please help me” before we begin or as elaborately as a full- fledged guided visualization. Remember, light dispels darkness.

Excerpted from The Courage to Be Yourself by Sue Patton Thoele. Available on Mango and Amazon.


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