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Photo Credit: Brett Hall

Growing up in the Midwest, it never occurred to me I’d be either a therapist or a writer. Moving to Norther California, getting divorced, struggling to figure out who I was under layers of programing and piles of “should’s” changed all that. As a single mom, I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Within a week of receiving my MA, my sons and I moved to Hawaii to began a stepfamily adventure. As those of you familiar with stepfamilies know, they can be goldmines of growth. We worked hard and were fortunate for, even though there were incredibly tough times, in our forty-plus years together, all six members of our “blended” family have learned a ton and grown to care for each other. Making it through those tough times spawned my life’s work of helping myself and others (especially women) move through limiting beliefs and heal into accepting ourselves completely, practicing self-compassion, and honoring the strength and courage we act from each day.

Writing was a mid-life, empty-nester surprise. While on a personal retreat, I tossed an unsatisfactory self-help book I’d just finished reading against the river rock fireplace casually commenting, “If I ever write a book, I’m going to make it practical.” A few months later, my writing muse grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and wouldn’t let go no matter how much I resisted. And resist I did! From that wrestling match emerged my first book, The Courage To Be Yourself.

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