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Breath is the bridge between body and mind and it’s the gateway to the present moment. By focusing on your breath, you can easily bring yourself into the here and now and attune mind and heart to your physical body. Many of the practices in Part II focus on ways you can use breath to increase mindfulness and body awareness. Breath practices are centered around the following guidelines:

✨ Bringing attention to breath

✨ Deepening breath

✨ Directing breath

Breathing is the first thing we do after birth and the last thing we do before death. Breath is life. Breath is a master teacher. Using your breath consciously and constructively enhances your vitality, increases daily joy, opens you more fully to love, and brings you richly and deeply into the practice of mindfulness.

Excerpted from The Mindful Woman by Sue Patton Thoele. Available on Mango and Amazon.

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