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The Divine Feminine Is. . .

Inclusive: recognizes the value and worth of all people

and things

Honoring of process: is able to allow circumstances, ideas,

and experiences to unfold

Empowered: with steeled softness, champions the weak

and vulnerable and stands firm for what is right

Intuitive: is holistic, accessing immediate perception

rather than rational thinking

Compassionate: is empathetic, warm, open-hearted

Complementary: lives in concert with others, augmenting

the whole with her presence

Connective: desires to link hands and hearts

Cooperative: is able to work with others without needing

to be in control

Diffuse: perceives and understands a wide range of stimuli

Relational: is interested in preserving and

deepening relationships

Gentle: is able to live gently with herself and others

Receptive: is open to receive the new, different,

and wondrous

Empowering: awakens others to their potential

Forgiving: realizes that we are all imperfect and that non-

forgiveness dams the natural flow of spirit

Introspective: is drawn to the spiritual and

the philosophical

Healing: carries the ability to heal body, mind, and spirit

through talent for listening deeply to her internal,

inherent wisdom

Recognizing these qualities as ones that we possess, or can aspire to possess, frequently helps us recognize and respect our innate talent to usher in to all situations the energy of love and acceptance. As with everything—and much to our chagrin at times—the revolution of compassion, caring, and kindness exemplified by the Divine Feminine needs to begin within ourselves. As the song says, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” A revolution of love, a revolution of respect, a revolution of acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion. All of these values must first be nurtured in our own hearts and souls, and in our intimate social groups, if they are to be transformative for the whole. To begin this revolution of love, we need to brave our fears, extricate ourselves from the dung heap of disrespect and dismissal, and honor who we truly are.

This is an excerpt from The Courage to Be Yourself by Sue Patton Thoele. Available on Mango and Amazon.

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