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Love is What We Are

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Dear Friends,

It’s February, so let's humor Hallmark, Hershey, FTD, and that chubby little nude guy, who would have us believe this is the month for it, and muse about love.

Love is What We Are

Whether we search for it, bitch about it, lose it, leave it, live for it, revel in it, bemoan the lack of it, or thrive in it, each of us longs to love and be loved. In fact, love--personal, agape, universal, parental, sexual, etc--usually is the essence of our dreams and desires. Probably because love is the essence of who we are.

Friends and loved ones anchor us in our own hearts with cords of love and understanding. They soothe our weary and wounded souls with attention and acceptance. And we do the same for them. Hopefully, we also remember to love, understand, listen to, and appreciate ourselves as well.

Four Ways to Express the Love You Are

So often when friends, colleagues, clients, and loved ones share their yearnings about love, I hear the silent plea of "See me. Hear me. Hold me."

* See me… Being seen--and seeing ourselves--for who we are, and accepted as is, validates our very existence and helps give us the courage and confidence to make changes, if needed.

* Hear me... Attentive listening, with the goal of understanding, is one of the most loving gifts we can bestow upon ourselves and others.

* Hold me… Compassionately holding ourselves and each other in both arms and hearts provides the solace and nurturing we all need in order to wholly thrive.

* Treat me… Seeing, hearing, and holding--paying attention, understanding,

and empathizing--naturally leads to treating ourselves and others with respect, compassion, and acceptance.

You are the love you want and deserve.

Friends have your back and hug your front, Sue

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