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Knowing You Are Good Enough is No Longer Good Enough

An annoying title, I know. I laughed out loud when it came to me in the shower. And knowing you’re good enough in some things—shucking corn, writing code, singing the “Star Spangled Banner”—is still okay but, overall, we really do need to accept our own excellence and revel in our superpowers because we all have them! Sometimes they are huge, long-term, and life-or-death important. What springs to mind is our daughter surviving surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation while raising three well-adjusted boys and, when well again, using her experience to make the world a safer place. That took a truckload of superpowers. On the other hand, some days, simply making it through the next minute is a superpower. Depending on circumstances, making the best decision can be a superpower. Taking care of a sick child calls for stamina and strength we couldn’t imagine. Telling the truth in a tough situation. Stretching a few dollars to cover many necessities requires canniness, creativity, and cojones. All superpowers.

Let’s apply Rudyard Kipling’s philosophy “I always prefer to believe the best of everybody; it saves so much trouble” to ourselves. Believing the best of yourself is, in itself, a superpower. The compassion and kindness inherent in self-belief empower you to become whatever is needed in any given moment. I know it can sometimes be hard to believe the best of yourself. Once, in a dream, Jesus and Mary both looked lovingly at me and said, “Sue, you are good.” Even with such high-powered reassurance, do I always believe the best of myself? Well, no, but almost always now. With years of practice and lots of help from

superpower-endowed others, I am a zillion times better at knowing I’m doing the best I can, seeing my heart as truly good, and even being able to say, “Damn, Sue, that was good!” on occasion. Please know if I—once the self-trashing queen—can do it, you can also. Seeing the best in ourselves saves a lot of trouble.

During your day...

  • Notice three actions, attitudes, or attributes about yourself that could be seen as superpowers. Have fun with it.

  • Create a super heroine persona for yourself or adopt one already out there. Again, please have fun with it.

  • Believe the best of two people... one of them being you.

Being me is my superpower.

—Anonymous (usually a woman)

Excerpted from The Woman's Book of Strength by Sue Patton Thoele. Available on Mango and Amazon.

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