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Feminine Qualities

Becoming mindful is an excellent avenue for self-care and self-realization. In order to get the most out of mindfulness, you need to practice it in ways that are harmonious with your basic nature. The practices contained in The Mindful Woman concentrate on feminine strengths, qualities, and energies.

The following list of feminine qualities and energies is by no means complete. Rather, it is a sampling pointing out the intuitive, relational heart of femininity.

Feminine qualities include:

Diffuse awareness: perceives and understands a wide range of stimuli simultaneously;

expansive comprehension

Sensitive: responsive to external and internal conditions or stimulation; susceptible to attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of self and others

Emotionally grounded: steady, stable, well-balanced, able to bring all of her energy to exactly where she is in the moment

Intuitive: holistic, accessing immediate perception rather than rational thinking

Relational: interested in preserving and deepening relationships

Compassionate: empathetic, warm, openhearted, understanding

Empowered: with steeled softness, champions the weak and vulnerable and stands firm for what is right

Honoring of process: able to allow circumstances, ideas, and experiences to unfold

Gentle: able to live gently with herself and others

Forgiving: realizes we are all imperfect and that non-forgiveness dams the natural flow of life force

Receptive: open to receive the new, different, and wondrous

Introspective: drawn to the spiritual and philosophical

Strong: inherently able to overcome whatever life throws at her in order to accomplish what is needed

Healing: carries the ability to heal body, mind, and spirit through listening deeply to her internal, inherent wisdom

Recognizing these feminine qualities as ones you possess, or aspire to possess, can help you understand and respect the natural qualities you have and use them to lovingly and tolerantly guide yourself on a path to increased mindfulness.

Excerpted from The Mindful Woman by Sue Patton Thoele. Available on Mango and Amazon.

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