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The Mindful Woman

Gentle Practices for Restoring Calm, Finding Hope, & Opening Your Heart


The opportunity to refresh and republish The Mindful Woman has brought incredible joy to me. Immersing myself in the concepts and practices of mindfulness shared in the book helps keep my attitude afloat during these tsunami-intense times in which we are living. It’s been thirteen years since the original book came out. With that much more life experience under my belt, I am delighted to find myself resonating with mindfulness at a deeper and richer level. As I revitalized and updated this new version of The Mindful Woman, my mindfulness-meter was recharged, and I began remembering to be mindful more frequently. As a result, I feel calmer, more hopeful, and am able to stay open-hearted more often than I would have without the blessing coming from this reminder.


My intention for The Mindful Woman is that it defines mindfulness in an easily understood way, provides stories and examples of women who find mindful living rewarding, and give you many practices that can make life easier and more fun. My wish for The Mindful Woman is that it provides a springboard for both you and me from which we can dive open-heartedly into the numinous now and live our lives more fully, joyously, and consciously. My prayer for The Mindful Woman is that it somehow increases love. First and foremost, love and respect for self which naturally leads to increased love and respect for others. 



Although I'd always been an on-again, off-again journal writer, I never envisioned actually writing a book. However, when I was forty-five, a Writing Muse grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and would not let me go no matter how much I resisted. And resist I did! To no avail ...



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The Courage to Be Yourself


The Woman's Book of Spirit

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The Woman's Book of Courage

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