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Lifting Our Voices

I write this a few weeks after a gunman killed ten people in a supermarket fifteen miles from my home. Another heartbreaking example of the world’s desperate need for feminine qualities and values to have a greater voice in planning, power, and leading. A voice that understands basic human needs for safety, education, and mental and physical health. A voice whose heart advocates for the well-being of all. My prayer for The Woman’s Book of Strength: Meditations for Wisdom, Balance, and Power is that it helps women courageously claim and act from their inherent strength and kind power. Feminine strength has been denigrated for ages, and that must end now. We are called to find, and use, our natural feminine gifts of inclusion, wisdom, civility, respect, and acceptance both privately and publicly. Women’s gifts promote connection instead of separation, and build up rather than tear down.

It is my fervent hope that The Woman’s Book of Strength helps women own their deep-seated strength so completely that no amount of bullying can make them doubt it or keep them from acting on it. The mighty and loving power of feminine strength is needed in order to civilize and humanize our dangerously out-of-balance world. It’s up to us. We are the world’s hope. And we can do it!

Excerpted from The Woman's Book of Strength by Sue Patton Thoele. Available on Mango and Amazon.

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