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All my books begin in the fertile soil of my own growth. Strength arose from a steaming pit of outrage. Infuriated by huge injustices in the world and smaller ones I dealt with personally, I stewed and seethed and resisted and blamed. Prompted by deep unhappiness and gently persistent spiritual nudges, the therapist in me eventually kicked in, and I realized I’d succumbed to old patterns of downplaying my wisdom and giving away my personal power. Using many of the tools shared in Strength, I figured out why I’d lapsed into self-sabotaging behavior, forgave myself for doing so, and began the ongoing process of owning up to, and acting from, my innate strength and power.

Individually, having the courage to express your strength and wisdom fosters happiness and satisfaction. Plus, it’s fun.  Globally, most societies are in desperate need of the tempering and respectful power and values of feminine energy. Because of these realities, my prayer for Strength is that it helps you accept, honor, and activate sacred personal strength and wisdom and also bravely encourage (or demand, if need be) the world become a better place.

We are the world’s hope.



Although I'd always been an on-again, off-again journal writer, I never envisioned actually writing a book. However, when I was forty-five, a Writing Muse grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and would not let me go no matter how much I resisted. And resist I did! To no avail ...




The Courage to Be Yourself


The Woman's Book of Spirit

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The Woman's Book of Courage

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